Airplane Wifi Hacks and other news

Airplane Wifi Hack

Airplane Wifi HackIOActive security expert Ruben Santamarta has said he has devised a way to hack airline wifi, at least in a controlled environment. Although he has tried to downplay this acknowledgement, his presentation at the 2014 Black Hat Conference was the most widely exposed presentation of all. With the news coming out, one has to think that if a “white hat” hacker has been able to do these things, how long ago were the “black hats” already working on this. If you read the myriad of online hacker bulletin boards on the web, the discussion about the Malaysian Airlines jet being brought down by a hack, or at least misdirected for the authorities is a very hot topic. Here is a whitepaper on the state of SATCOM (Satellite Communications) and how they can be attacked.

The other note to take from all of this information is to look at the link for the Black Hat Conference (DEFCON) and read those presentations. Watch the videos. If you’ve never taken cyber security seriously, you will after today.

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