Podcast Episode 3- Do You Need Antivirus?

Do you really need antivirus software on your computer these days? With all the new malware tools, security tools, is antivirus a 90’s dinosaur? What about tablets and cell phones? If you decide you really need it, are the free ones good enough? Should you shell out cold cash for antivirus software that can be beaten anyway? Well on Wednesday Jun 21st at 6pm Eastern Time Zone, I’ll be live on air to give you the definitive, no questions, no debates answers.

Join me live and if you click on the chat icon/bubble from the live player, you can ask questions in real time that I will answer live on air. Join me straight from my show page or from my blog page right over there in the right column. If you miss it live, you can play it right online from the streaming player to the right, from my show page or download it from the show page for later, offline listening.

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