Popular Program CCleaner Compromised – 20 Million users affected

CCleaner hacked with MalwareCisco’s Talos researchers discovered that the official site that distributes the popular CCleaner tool was compromised between Aug 15th and September 12th of 2017. During this time, a version of CCleaner was uploaded that had Malware designed to install other malware. It is possible that up to 20 million users were affected during this time. The information from Cisco’s Talos people can be found at this link. Piriform also put out a blog post about it as well, which can be found here for more information. Affected users should uninstall their current version and download version 5.34 from here to make sure they are not compromised.

As is with any software you download, always be sure to check the site where you are downloading from. In this case, the actual official site was compromised and the malware infested version was uploaded to them, so that you would download the bad version and trust it. In this case if you downloaded CCleaner during the dates listed above, you were compromised. Not possibly compromised, but ARE compromised. The only thing you can do now is to uninstall and reinstall the new version if you want to keep the tool. It is also suggested you potentially change passwords to sensitive websites, as during this time, if you logged into those websites, your credentials were most likely stolen.



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