Google calls out Microsoft Security

Google Project Zero

Google Project ZeroGoogle has a program called Project Zero that is effectively an elite group of hackers with the sole mission to test, hack and crack everything publicly available on the Internet. These include Google’s own products like Chrome, Google Drive, etc. They also include competitors like Microsoft. Just recently, these elite hackers exposed a little known flaw in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, and by doing so, forced Microsoft’s hand in hurrying to release a patch.

The current posting on Project Zero’s website talks about the NTP attack vector, something I wrote about one year ago in Jan 2014, that can be found here. Every security researcher has their own agendas and areas they like to target, and Google’s team is no different. They’re targeting everyday software that many use. I like to research and talk about things most of us use, or should be using, or in some cases, should not be using at all. The reality is if you’re in charge, or responsible for, a computer network of any size, you need to devote a decent amount of time to research and staying current on what is going on in the field. If not, you, your data, your network and your company are at bigger risk than you realize.

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