Review – NordVPN – Updated June 2017

Update June 2 2017- You can follow this link to see how to sign up, download and start using NordVpn on any of your devices (Cell, Laptop, Tablet, Desktop) in under 4 minutes. Well worth watching and if you don’t have experience using a VPN, this is the first step to being saavy!


You’ll find it rare on this blog that I’ll endorse a specific product or service. Primarily, if I don’t use it and know it to be a great (not just good) product/service, I won’t put my name on it. In the case of NordVPN, I’ve been a paying customer now for over a year, and recently extended my service until May 2021. I want to tell you about it, and you can decide for yourself. The opinions in this review are my own, based on direct experience using NordVPN.  So enough with the disclaimer junk, and let’s get into the service.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) services are used to connect you to the Internet in such a manner that it encrypts your data from prying eyes. This encryption is needed so that when you’re visiting a website they can’t add little pieces of software (such as cookies) or other bad things to track you, and in some cases, steal your data. It also keeps people that are on the same network (like a free public wiFi) from watching your traffic and stealing login information to your email accounts, banking, IRA and other websites you might visit while relaxing with a coffee or lunch.

NordVPN offers a service that allows you to have up to six devices using one account. This could be your cell phone, laptop, tablet or desk computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or IOS). At the very least, any device that touches public WiFi should use a VPN. Once you have paid for your subscription, your use is not metered, limited nor tracked. You can stay connected on your smart phone or tablet for as long as you’d like, which I would suggest is a good practice. Let’s talk about the privacy piece that is central to using a VPN service anyway.

First, they use 2048-bit encryption, which is top of the line for VPN services. What’s even more outstanding about this service, is that double-wrap your data. This means they encrypt your data with 2048-bit encryption wrapper, then they encrypt that wrapper with another layer of 2048-bit encryption. This combination would take a really great hacker, like the NSA, about 4 years to crack. It would take the rest of the world about 1000-some years to crack.  They have servers in 57 countries, which means no matter where you go, you can access your subscription sites. For example, I went to Europe with my family last year and we didn’t understand the French language to watch television during the late evenings. So we logged into our VPN, connected to a US based server, and watched our Netflix account. Many people don’t know, if you’re out of the continental US, you cannot access Netflix or Hulu premium services. We were able to watch what we wanted, just like from home. These guys are based in Panama, which does not have to respond to warrants and other legal methods from the United States or others. They are always rated #1 for privacy because they are very strict on their privacy and sharing laws in Panama and because they simply don’t log any access.

You can use P2P (person to person file sharing) and they have DNS leak protection. Sometimes, a VPN cannot process the name you are trying to resolve and the DNS query will become unencrypted to read a normal server. This would expose you to hackers. NordVPN doesn’t allow leaky DNS and keeps all of your traffic encrypted. I can also say for the two times I’ve needed the support people, I’ve been able to login to their chat support and have my questions addressed effectively in under ten minutes. That’s hard to say for most tech companies. You can also learn how to implement NordVPN on just about any device you could have by going to this link and clicking the appropriate link to your device(s).

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