Mother Russia

Russia Cyber Criminals

Russia Cyber CriminalsMother Russia is known for many things. Vodka, Stalin, Oppression, and a once feared military. Now they’re more commonly known for cybercriminals. Many threats emanate from Russia in the form of DDOS attacks, Data Theft and so on. However, it is now been revealed that more than 1.2 Billion Internet related passwords have been stolen by a group of Russian hackers and thieves.  Yes, that’s Billion with a big capital B. Hold Security, based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (that’s in the USA to the rest of you) identified the theft saying more than 420K (that would be 420 Thousand) websites were attacked and many didn’t even know they were attacked.

Founder Alex Holden has said they will not disclose the sites that have been compromised but would say that no major email providers were breached and that financial data was largely ignored. They indicated that the gang sent out emails for bogus products like weight loss pills and would get people to login to sites and capture that data. More on this can be found at CNN Money’s article here.

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