How secure is your password? The Pony Botnet may have already cracked it

Top 10 Internet passwords captured by the Pony Botnet

Sites like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter and on some financial related sites have been hacked recently and passwords released into the open. Trustwave has been researching and documenting the botnet for quite some time, and the attack isn’t over. They’re finding new instances of Pony all across the web, and so far more than 2 million

Top 10 Internet passwords captured by the Pony Botnet

accounts one various websites have been compromised. Machines are infected not necessarily the sites themselves.  Browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera,  Mozilla and several others were compromised. By infecting the browser on your machine, the Pony Botnet is able to log the keystrokes you input then send that information to a central repository for the hackers.

Trustware analysts were able to take a look at some of the information gleaned by the botnot by finding one of the repository servers in the Netherlands. After accessing this  information they found the top 10 passwords that were captured by Pony. Take a look at the image to the right. Does your password appear here? Maybe you should consider changing your password. The list shows on the left the password itself and on the right is the number of times the password was used.  At this point not much information about who the hackers are and where they are located is available, or at least made public.

You should take a moment to review the Trustware site about this botnet to educate yourself and to read about how to protect yourself here.

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