Shellshock and the Bash Linux vulnerability

Bash-Shellshock Vunerability

Bash-Shellshock VunerabilityI almost wrote this post two days ago, but chose not to. Why? Because everyone was rushing to patch the critical vulnerability identified, but they were not addressing the root issue, which was still the most critical vulnerability. As an Ethical Hacker, disclosing that piece publicly before it was being addressed would have been wrong for me to do. Now it’s not to say that there are not still millions of devices out there that have this flaw and many won’t even know how to patch it. So now I write this post in hopes they will recognize the pure havoc that can be wreaked upon them if they don’t act, and act NOW.

Although many of us in the hacker community has known about this, it’s a very thin line of disclosing things publicly and getting the open source community on board with things. So if you want to head over to PC World and read their article here on the FOUR vulnerabilities that have been patched since Saturday, I’d say it was a good idea.  The Apple patch for Shellshock isn’t complete and you need to stay on top of it. You can read about that here. Your web attached devices (cameras and such) are also at risk. Check out this story for that information and even more here.

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