The Hacker Search Engine – Shodan

Shodan, the hacker search engine

Shodan, the hacker search engineSo you’re curious about “things attached to the Internet” or otherwise known as the IOT (Internet of Things), but you don’t know how to find them. You can find cameras, refrigerators, routers, servers, nanny cams, exploits and just about anything else. So why would I expose this site to the general public? To let you know YOUR devices are being tracked by those wishing you to do harm in some way. If you read this, and use this information for bad reasons, you’re committing a crime in the US and in many cases, most other civilized countries. But if you use this to research your items and to see how exposed your company might be, this is a great starting point. I would also say that more than 95% of IT people in the world do not know this site exists, and even more so, do not realize their devices are being tracked. This search engine goes by the name of Shodan, and you can find it here.

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