Live tech talk @ 10:30 PM EST (2230 hrs) – Survival Tech

Live Radio Broadcast

Live Radio BroadcastTonight at 10:30 pm (2230 for you military vets) live from the Mixlr platform, I’ll be discussing survival based tech gear for your bug out bag. Join in the chat room to ask your questions, talk with others and let’s share information. I’ll be discussing some of the things in my bug out bag, some of the things I”ve tried that didn’t work, and some of the things I’m planning on trying over the coming weeks and months. Join in right here to listen, or click the name Dave The IT Guy to be brought straight into the chat room, no login needed. If you’re not around your computer you can download the Mixlr app for your Android or iPhone  or check out the replay from Mixlr at a later time.

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