SHTF Radio Frequencies

Baofeng RadioOne of the often overlooked skills when it comes to survival or prepping is the ability to communicate long after cell phones no longer work. Recently, in Katrina and the NY area hurricanes, and of course during 9/11, the cell phone towers went down because of power loss. However those who had battery power at home, generators, etc had the ability to use GMRS/FRS and Ham radio. While GRMS/FRS might be good for some communication, HAM radio is most definitely the route to go. Officially, you have to have a license from the FCC to operate on the HAM frequencies. Ok, so you study, take a test and boom you have a license. But do you know how to buy, put together and use these radios? Many of the big stations you’d find in a home are pretty technically advanced and powerful, not to mention expensive. However, many of us that will be mobile needs something a bit smaller and more portable. The Baofeng models of radios can be found between $30 and $100 dollars, with $30-$70 being the sweet spot in most cases of these radios. Our search and rescue team, SAR-OH uses these models . However, the most common radio we use is the Baofeng UV-5R radio.

You can also check out this link for the list of frequencies you can download via CSV file and even program them right into your new Baofeng radio. If you’re interested in a radio, check the link in the right column. It will take you to the better $60 radio, but also has links to the lesser expensive $30 radios too (the difference being the power output settings).

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