Snapchat Hacked!

snapchat has been hacked

snapchat has been hackedUsers of the time limited social media called Snapchat have pointed to the fact that the posts expi re and are not stored as a reason to use their service. Sexting, stalking and other nefarious uses have popped up on the newest social media service. But, roughly 20 hours ago it was revealed that Snapchat itself is being exploited by hackers. Gibson Security has revealed that since August they’ve known about and notified Snapchat makers on this exploit that allows hackers to gain your phone number and to bulk register thousands of fake accounts in moments on the service. Hopefully Snapchat will take this seriously now that the information has been publicly released and how to hack Snapchat has also been made public. Click the link within the article to view full disclosure of the hack and the ramifications


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