Survival Skills 101 – Update!

Fat guys in the woods, Survival 101, CIncinnati, Ohio, David Howard

Fat guys in the woods, Survival 101, CIncinnati, Ohio, David HowardAll kinds of new things have come along since my initial announcement about this class. Starting Feb 6, 2016 and running from 9a-1pm on three Saturdays in a row, you can come meet some of the most experienced survivalists and learn hands on skills in fire making without matches, shelter building, trap building, water purification and so much more. $60 per person is your price, with comparable classes running $200 a person. Why are we so much less? Because $60 a person is what it cost me to put this on, and I’m not making one dime off these classes. I’m doing this to pass the knowledge along.

Why is this a big deal? On Feb 6, you’ll have Fat Guys in The Woods host, Creek Stewart, a lifetime survivalist and Eagle Scout. You’ll also have me (former Army and FGITW contestant and knife winner) as well as fell FGITW cast members Andrew Walker from Denver and Randy Nelson from FGITW season 2. Other instructors from the Creek Stewart Escape The Woods Challenge will be there too.

It’s simply impossible to find this many hours of instruction, from this much experience and knowledge, in one place, for $60. Seats are limited to 20 Max, and there are only a few left. Join in! Sign up here

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