Survival Skills 101

Come join Dave and other guest instructors as we bring you three days of survival skills. During our three Saturdays in February 2016, we’ll talk about the following topics, and when time allows, we’ll add more topics:

  • Fire starting without matches
  • shelter building
  • water purification
  • gear selection
  • trap building
  • proper knife usage
  • primitive weapons
  • survival mentality

Each Saturday is scheduled from 9am-1pm, but may run a little longer each day if we’re really doing some good work. Want to register? There are a few details you should know:

  • 20 seats maximum, no spectators
  • 10 and up, must be accompanied by paid parent if under 18
  • $60 per person
  • you’ll get a starter survival kit, including a Swedish MoraKniv, water purification straw, fire starter and more.

To register, click the link here

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