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Seek Thermal – Thermal camera for your smart phone

Seek Thermal

This is a review of the Seek Thermal camera for your iPhone or Android smart phone. You can go to their site at www.thermal.com and read all the tech specs, so I’m not going to spend the time on those.

SANDRORAT – Malware for your Android


According to McAfee researcher Carlos Castillo, an email spam campaign was spotted in Poland distributing a version of the SandroRat with the name “Kaspersky_Mobile_Security.apk. ” The email tries to scare a user with the following subject: “Uwaga! Wykryto szkodliwe oprogramowanie w

Android, Cisco and Juniper – Heartbleed affects them all

The Heartbleed bug, widely talked about in the last year, was quietly acknowledged by all three tech giants that many of their products are susceptible to this vulnerability. Google’s announcement is here,  while Google themselves exposed that the flaw also

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