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Corvettes Hacked- sort of

You know those little thingies you plug into your car’s OBD2 port for your insurance company to track your driving habits and giving you better rates? Well, researchers out of California have hacked a Corvette’s braking system by simply sending

Your car and garage hacked

We’ve talked about car hacks in the past, and now we’re talking how easy it is to break into almost every car made, and even Viper and Cobra alarm and remote systems. This isn’t new, more or less. People have

Your Car Hacked Easily and Black Boxes

Your car can be hacked easily

I received an email from a family member (thanks Dorothy!) telling me about black boxes in cars (which isn’t too new of news) and how they are about to become mandated in the US in 2015 on all cars. The EDR

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