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Survival Skills 101 – Update!

Fat guys in the woods, Survival 101, CIncinnati, Ohio, David Howard

All kinds of new things have come along since my initial announcement about this class. Starting Feb 6, 2016 and running from 9a-1pm on three Saturdays in a row, you can come meet some of the most experienced survivalists and

So you’re a survivalist eh?

Come check out the new competition that anyone can get into! Escape the Woods is a competition event that has its inaugural event in Columbus, Ohio in September. Come learn from Creek Stewart and other instructors the skills you’ll need,

Bugging out or just something unexpected

Survive the night!

The winter of 2014-2015 in the United States should have gotten your attention to the need for preparedness. People getting stuck on the highways, in their homes in Boston and other areas with snow measured by the foot, icy conditions

The Apocabox

Survivalist and host of the Weather Channel’s hit survival show Fat Guys in the Woods puts out a bi-monthly subscription service called the Apocabox. Each box contains tools, teachings and bug-out bag worthy equipment to help you gain more ability

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