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Petya isn’t about your dog

Petya is a Ransomware variant that as of the writing of this post, is currently hitting the European continent. Russian energy giant Rosneft, US Pharmaceutical giant Merck and the largest shipping container company in the world Maersk is currently being

OpenSSL- Opening your door to data thieves

Heart Bleed, OpenSSL, Encryption, Flaw

So OpenSSL for two years was an open door to your data. Sure, there wasn’t just the obvious “here’s the data” sign for folks to see, but for those looking for exploits that no one else was (which is why

NSA – RSA – Your Security Exposed

RSA Security tokens have NSA code and backdoors

As disclosed recently via Reuters, it has been exposed by NSA leaker Eric Snowden that the NSA paid RSA Security more than $10 Million dollars to use code they developed in the products that the RSA company put out to

Free USB Computer Lock

There is a free utility available that offers quite a bit of extra security for your computer. It runs right from your USB drive (even the older, smaller size ones in many cases) and offers quite a bit of functionality.

Drive Encryption and Data Security

Data Encryption

 There are many reasons to talk about encrypting your drives whether it be the hard drive of your computer, thumb drives  or an external hard drive. We all know about computer thieves and hackers breaking into business networks and stealing

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