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Internet Explorer Critical Update – June 10th

Internet Explorer

Microsoft has announced their June 2014 patch Tuesday (June 10th) will include two items marked as critical and five others as important in severity. The one item considered the most urgent of all for everyone to patch (everyone except XP

GnuTLS has a flaw – Fix already available

 For those of you who use GnuTLS, which is the open source SSL/TLS crypto library, this information is for you. A bug (CVE-2014-3466) was discovered by Joonas Kuorilehto of security firm Codenomiconthat proves that the method used to parse the

IE Patch Released – Download Now

Internet Explorer flaw

The widely reported bug that allowed all versions of Internet Explorer to be hacked now has a patch available from Microsoft. In a change to policy, this update is also available to XP users, which previously were expected to get

OpenSSL- Opening your door to data thieves

Heart Bleed, OpenSSL, Encryption, Flaw

So OpenSSL for two years was an open door to your data. Sure, there wasn’t just the obvious “here’s the data” sign for folks to see, but for those looking for exploits that no one else was (which is why

Your new S4 is not secure

Samsung Knox security software

Two days ago, Israeli BGU Security Researchers indicated they found a major security flaw in the highly touted Knox security system that is incorporated in the Samsung S4. In true ethical form, BGU notified Samsung about their findings. The S4

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