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Google calls out Microsoft Security

Google Project Zero

Google has a program called Project Zero that is effectively an elite group of hackers with the sole mission to test, hack and crack everything publicly available on the Internet. These include Google’s own products like Chrome, Google Drive, etc. They

Office 365 or Google Apps?

Google Apps vs Office365

If you’re looking at buying some version of Office or using Google Apps, let’s take a few moments to talk about the differences. Let’s start by talking about how close both of these services are in pricing and capabilities. It

How secure is your password? The Pony Botnet may have already cracked it

Top 10 Internet passwords captured by the Pony Botnet

Sites like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter and on some financial related sites have been hacked recently and passwords released into the open. Trustwave has been researching and documenting the botnet for quite some time, and the attack isn’t over.

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