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Dark Hotel – What you need to know

Dark Hotel Attack

Maybe you’ve heard of the Asian region upscale hotel attacks on computers that has been dubbed “Darkhotel” and maybe you haven’t. Take a few moments to read this, and even follow the links in this article to other sources and

Easiest cars to hack? The losers are..

Hack your Car

Some time ago, I wrote a brief article about hackers being able to take control of your car while you were driving. Security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek had shown how a Prius could be hacked from within a car,

Can you still update XP? Maybe..


There are several versions of  Windows XP with the most common of course the consumer or business version. There are also versions for retail POS (Point of Sale) systems, banking ATMS, embedded XP for thin clients to connect to remote

More NSA Transgressions Released

No Place to Hide

Glenn Greenwald has released a book entitled “No Place to Hide” which outlines much of what Eric Snowden has so far made public to the world, but quite a bit that has not yet seen the public eye. Some of the

Your new S4 is not secure

Samsung Knox security software

Two days ago, Israeli BGU Security Researchers indicated they found a major security flaw in the highly touted Knox security system that is incorporated in the Samsung S4. In true ethical form, BGU notified Samsung about their findings. The S4

NSA – RSA – Your Security Exposed

RSA Security tokens have NSA code and backdoors

As disclosed recently via Reuters, it has been exposed by NSA leaker Eric Snowden that the NSA paid RSA Security more than $10 Million dollars to use code they developed in the products that the RSA company put out to

XBOX One compatibility hack to play XBOX 360 Games – FAKE

The XBOX One compatibility hack for 360 games is a fake. Don't do it.

There are postings, rumors and hype about a newly discovered “hack” or development kit allowing you to get your XBOX One to play 360 console games. No matter what you read or who you heard it from, this is a

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