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Popular Program CCleaner Compromised – 20 Million users affected

Cisco’s Talos researchers discovered that the official site that distributes the popular CCleaner tool was compromised between Aug 15th and September 12th of 2017. During this time, a version of CCleaner was uploaded that had Malware designed to install other

Adult FriendFinder Hacked!

Adult Friend Finder hacked

Adult FriendFinder was hacked just a couple of days ago. More than 15 million user’s information was stolen, with 3.9M leaked onto the internet already. Names, email addresses, zip codes, sexual preferences and much more was included in the leak.

Merry Christmas – You’re Hacked

PSN and XBOX Hacked

So today you got your new XBOX and Playstation and signed on and got settled in to play. But when you connected, or at least tried to connect, you couldn’t. You probably first thought “dang everyone got one for Christmas

USPS Hacked – by the Chinese

USPS Hacked

It appears that back in September in a secret meeting, the USPS disclosed they were hacked, and that information regarding around 800,000 employees may have been compromised by suspected Chinese hackers. This isn’t the first time the Chinese have been

Your network is secure. Not Really.

Codespaces Hacked and Gone

Some time ago, I wrote an article talking about security on a network, and how most people, including IT people in the field believe that a firewall and good antivirus is what is needed for their networks. They think a good intrusion

Vodaphone acknowledges access to its data

Vodaphone data is monitored worldwide

Vodaphone has done something no one expected. As the second largest mobile phone provider in the world, this information is huge. Vodaphone has acknowledged that countries and their intelligence services have had access directly into their data centers now for

Change your password – Ebay has been hacked!

Ebay has been hacked!

Ebay today acknowledged that a major hack and data breach has occurred spanning the last couple of weeks. The data was encrypted according to Ebay’s corporate people, but how long, if at all, would it take for hackers to decrypt

iPhone Email Flaw – Major Bug

iPhone Bug found

Andreas Kurtz from NES0 Security Labs found and documented a bug in the iOS platform on almost every iPhone and Tablet that in fact leaves your email unencryped and available to anyone that picks up your phone or tablet, even

Skype’s Twitter Account Hacked

Syrian Electronic Army -SEA- Hacks Skype Twitter

Hello 2014! In the first major hack of the year, the Syrian Electronic Army has laid claim to the hack of Skype’s Twitter account that retweeted anti-Microsoft tweets more than 8000 times today. The SEA as it is known, is

How secure is your password? The Pony Botnet may have already cracked it

Top 10 Internet passwords captured by the Pony Botnet

Sites like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter and on some financial related sites have been hacked recently and passwords released into the open. Trustwave has been researching and documenting the botnet for quite some time, and the attack isn’t over.

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