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Breaches, Compromises and You

Breaches of data are coming at the rate of almost 1 reported breach (and how many unreported breaches??) per day. With so many major data sources being breached more than 3 Billion people have been affected. That’s more than the

US Navy Ships crashing – are they being hacked?

The USS John McCain Guided Missle Destroyer recently ran into a commercial ship causing damage and more importantly, loss of life. How does a US Navy ship that has advanced computer systems, hundreds of crew members simply run into another

Donald Trump – Hacking – Russians

OK, so this might be a little rough on the edges, but man I’m just appalled at the sheer amount of stupid coming out of people’s mouths that are supposed to be smart people. So here I go! If you

Donald Trump and Hacking

Donald Trump Hacker Challenge Tweet

Just to be transparent: I did not vote for, nor support in any manner, Donald Trump for President during his campaign. However, he was elected, I am an American and I support him in his endeavor to help move our

Largest iPhone Hack ever!

Largest iPhone hack ever

Two days ago it was announced that the largest iPhone hack ever had occurred. This hack targeted a very specific segment of iPhone users, those with “jailbroken” phones. What that means is that someone modified the operating system to gain

Hack The Plane

Well, as usual, the government is far behind in acknowledging what many of us already knew (those of us in the hacking/security field). When you marry Wifi and other public connectivity with internal systems, hacking is always a possibility. I

Listen Live on 700 WLW

700 WLW

Listen live to the Scott Sloan show on 700 WLW @ 930 AM on Wednesday 11.12.14 as we talk about targeted hacks of CEOs and others who travel around the world using free WiFi in upscale hotels. If you’ve ever

US Government to Charge Chinese with Espionage

Chinese Military Officials charged with espionage

Today, US Attorney General Eric Holder announced the US is charging the Chinese government, and specifically Chinese Military Officials, with economic espionage. few details are out just yet, but here is a link to Time’s report, and the bigger article

OpenSSL- Opening your door to data thieves

Heart Bleed, OpenSSL, Encryption, Flaw

So OpenSSL for two years was an open door to your data. Sure, there wasn’t just the obvious “here’s the data” sign for folks to see, but for those looking for exploits that no one else was (which is why

Social Engineering

Social Engineering

 You can watch this quick 1 minute video on social engineering that I  made recently to see how simple it really can be most of the time. Once  you find out who the people are that have the information you need, t

Hacking the TSA

Hacking the TSA Screening equipment

Recently is was revealed by security investigators that a training program installed on every scanner that the TSA uses can be hacked to superimpose an image of a clean bag when a bag containing weapons is being screened. Effectively, this

Netra is NSA like Surveillance

Indian Government Spy System Netra

Indian Intelligence Agencies are deploying NETRA (which is “eye” in Hindi), an Indian version of the American NSA’s Prism. Able to monitor phone calls on Skype and Google Talk, search for keywords on social networks such as Bomb, kill, attack,

Is your name & number in this list?

You have been hacked

I recently blogged about the recent Snapchat hack and some other bloggers have also weighed in on the hack and the true ramifications of having the information. Snapchat themselves originally responded with a “it’s not that big of a deal”

NSA Leaks, New Laws and 2014

New 2014 news, laws and tech

So 2014 rolls in with quite a stir amongst privacy, security and  technology groups. Starting Jan 1, 2014 California’s new privacy  laws kick in where the new Internet data privacy law requires any  operator of a commercial website or online service that collects

Say Hello to TAO

National Security Agency elite hacking unit TAO

Allow me to introduce you to the newly exposed NSA Elite hacking unit TAO. This unit has been found, through the NSA’s own internal documents, to have intercepted physical shipments of computers, routers, switches and other components and then installed

Open Source software – an open door to you?

Open source hacking

Open source software has been around for quite some time. Unix and Linux users have been in the forefront of this  revolution against industry giants for decades. In the past 10 years or so other  open source products such as  firewalls, VPN

Hacking the Sodastream

Hack the Sodastream

Modifying your Sodastream isn’t really so much a hack. However, there are some methods to making your Sodastream a little more cost effective and less hassle. The biggest thing about these is buying the CO2 from Sodastream and a few other vendors).

Wireless for your small to large business – What you should know about WPA2

wifi, hacking Cracking, WPA, WPA2, Radius, NPS

There are several methods to crack even the most audacious WPA/WPA2 wireless passwords. So what do we do now? Well it is time for you and your IT team to look at 2 method authentication. What does that mean? You

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