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Google calls out Microsoft Security

Google Project Zero

Google has a program called Project Zero that is effectively an elite group of hackers with the sole mission to test, hack and crack everything publicly available on the Internet. These include Google’s own products like Chrome, Google Drive, etc. They

Free Microsoft Labs you didn’t know about

Microsoft TechNet Virtual Labs

Unless you are a  Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) of some level ( I currently hold the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert 2012 Certification), you might not know that Microsoft has hundreds of hours of free, online lab training where you can

IE Patch Released – Download Now

Internet Explorer flaw

The widely reported bug that allowed all versions of Internet Explorer to be hacked now has a patch available from Microsoft. In a change to policy, this update is also available to XP users, which previously were expected to get

Free VMWare Machines for you

VM Player Free

VMWare and Microsoft’s Hyper-V are the two largest virtual computing platforms. Most people think they need a server and big setup to run this type of environment, but that isn’t true. You can use VMWare Player (or download VM Workstation

Windows XP Coming to an End..and how it affects you


So you’ve resisted Windows 7 and when Windows 8 came out you knew you hated that update. Your old computer running Windows XP has been just fine all this time and you haven’t found a reason to upgrade or get

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