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CIA Vault 7 Newest Leaks

Today Wikileaks released the newest Vault 7 release of information regarding the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA’s Office of Technical Service (OTS) is the group responsible for supplying CIA operatives with tech gadgets, spy items like secret recording

More NSA Transgressions Released

No Place to Hide

Glenn Greenwald has released a book entitled “No Place to Hide” which outlines much of what Eric Snowden has so far made public to the world, but quite a bit that has not yet seen the public eye. Some of the

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Office of the National Intelligence Director

United States President Barack Obama put into place a National Security Director that the heads of all U.S. Intelligence agencies report. That agency also has a Tumblr page that has official statements, declassified documents, postings and statements from agencies such

NSA Leaks, New Laws and 2014

New 2014 news, laws and tech

So 2014 rolls in with quite a stir amongst privacy, security and  technology groups. Starting Jan 1, 2014 California’s new privacy  laws kick in where the new Internet data privacy law requires any  operator of a commercial website or online service that collects

Say Hello to TAO

National Security Agency elite hacking unit TAO

Allow me to introduce you to the newly exposed NSA Elite hacking unit TAO. This unit has been found, through the NSA’s own internal documents, to have intercepted physical shipments of computers, routers, switches and other components and then installed

NSA – RSA – Your Security Exposed

RSA Security tokens have NSA code and backdoors

As disclosed recently via Reuters, it has been exposed by NSA leaker Eric Snowden that the NSA paid RSA Security more than $10 Million dollars to use code they developed in the products that the RSA company put out to

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