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Karma Go

We all have data plans on our smartphones (those of us with smartphones anyway) but do you find yourself not using the data each month but keep paying for it? Sure AT&T now has the rollover data, but that’s only for

Listen Live on 700 WLW

700 WLW

Listen live to the Scott Sloan show on 700 WLW @ 930 AM on Wednesday 11.12.14 as we talk about targeted hacks of CEOs and others who travel around the world using free WiFi in upscale hotels. If you’ve ever

Wireless 802.11ac -What’s new

IEEE Wireless standards table

In the last year, the IEEE Standards Association approved a new wireless standard called 802.11ac. What does that mean for you? In a nutshell, faster wireless speeds. Currently, the 802.11n standard offers up to 600mb per second speed (depending on

Wireless for your small to large business – What you should know about WPA2

wifi, hacking Cracking, WPA, WPA2, Radius, NPS

There are several methods to crack even the most audacious WPA/WPA2 wireless passwords. So what do we do now? Well it is time for you and your IT team to look at 2 method authentication. What does that mean? You

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