Technology and Costs

Network MapsMan, is this field volatile. People come and go, companies come and go, they merge and run each other into the ground. With cloud technology exploding over the past 5 years, people are in for the fast buck and getting back out. Some companies are actually trying to do some great work, but the companies servicing the small to medium size businesses are doing the vast majority of the hard work. Bigger companies budget IT because the recognize the importance of good data security, and good technology. The rest consider IT as a part of doing business, and like many other aspects of their company, they look for ways to cut costs.

When cutting costs, more often people are cutting the time spent to properly implement the technology. So even if they spend a decent amount of money on the physical devices, often the time spent to properly configure these devices is cut short, and the best basic configuration is often used. This causes the same effect as having not spent the money on the right equipment. Your data and your network are still at risk.

So what’s the right combination? Well that depends on who you ask. However, whatever decisions that are made about what technology is needed for your situation, and whatever price you agree to pay for the devices, you should demand that these devices are configured to do their job to the most optimum level. Sure, that means more labor hours and more $$ spent, but what is the cost, and value, of your company’s reputation if your data is breached.

So when you’re picking your IT partner for your business, or even if you have an in-house IT company, having good equipment is such a small part of the entire picture of your data security. If it’s not properly configured, if it’s not properly monitored and if it’s not properly managed, you’ve simply built yourself a house of cards that will come tumbling down at the first sign of intrusion.

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