The Apocabox

apocaboxSurvivalist and host of the Weather Channel’s hit survival show Fat Guys in the Woods puts out a bi-monthly subscription service called the Apocabox. Each box contains tools, teachings and bug-out bag worthy equipment to help you gain more ability to adapt to a life of survival when the time comes. To give you some example of what the Feb box was like, a quick tour tells the story.

There are 2 seamless handkerchiefs (invaluable in a survival situation for many uses), a great striker, guitar picks (to be used in this never before seen fire starting method) a battery case, a bow drill spindle topper (that you can customize) a metal folding tube that is used for blowing air into fire (and can have other uses) and so much more. As a cast member on season one of #FGITW, I can attest to the awesomeness that Creek puts into each box and how he thinks outside the box (pun intended) to help develop your survival skills.

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