Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon all failed this hack

Sam Bowne, Ethical Hacker, instructor, Security, Researcher

Sam Bowne, Ethical Hacker, instructor, Security, ResearcherThe method of hack is called a cookie re-use flaw and Certified Ethical Hacker instructor Sam Bowne has put quite of bit of time and effort into researching this hack that almost anyone can do (and I’m going to show you how to do it in this article for you to test on your own accounts, thanks to Sam for documenting the steps). Some of the sites that have been affected by this easy hack are very well known. Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Chase, American Express, Yahoo Mail, YouTube, Netflix and many more. The worst of it is that Sam contacted these organizations and told them about this vulnerability and yes, many of them took steps to put a stop to it rather quickly. However, some are still vulnerable even today, one year later. Is your information at risk? Test for yourself in just a few moments.

So how would someone utilize this method against you? You’re not just going to turn over your laptop after you’re on one of these sites to a stranger are you? Well, you’d say of course not, but what if you didn’t know you did exactly that? If you’re on a public wifi, or even a private one with a malicious person on that same network, browser hijacks and redirects can copy all the cookie information needed to perform this hack and cause you some grief. Using the information below, you can hack your own accounts in under ten minutes if the site hasn’t addressed the vulnerability. Just think what an experienced hacker could do during your thirty minute lunch break browsing on your iPad or laptop during lunch.

So as promised here is the link t Sam Bowne’s Cookie Re-Use hack method, including videos and a pretty easy to follow step by step tutorial on how to hack your Office 365 account (and other similar types of sites as mentioned already. You can also follow Sam on Twitter @sambowne. I hope your efforts all fail (because that means you’re more secure!)

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