USPS Hacked – by the Chinese

USPS Hacked

USPS HackedIt appears that back in September in a secret meeting, the USPS disclosed they were hacked, and that information regarding around 800,000 employees may have been compromised by suspected Chinese hackers. This isn’t the first time the Chinese have been accused of breaking into US Government, or US Government contractors networks. Quoted from the press release: ” The compromised data included names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, addresses, dates of employment and other information, officials said. The data of every employee were exposed. No customer credit card information from post offices or online purchases at was breached, officials said.”

Well I’m sure it’s a relief to those of us who uses the post office (but frankly why do we anyway?) but the employees should be concerned. If their information is released in the wild overseas, who knows what kind of fraud can start happening then. You can read more about this story at the Washington Post.USPS Tracking your mail

However, if you read the article in the Post, you’ll find a link to another part of a story that should really scare you about our government and yet another little know program about the USPS scanning every single piece of mail and storing the images for the government to review who is getting what delivered where. Check out this NY Times article on how someone accidentally found out and confirmed that his mail was being monitored. At least the government admitted they were monitoring his mail.

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