Vodaphone acknowledges access to its data

Vodaphone data is monitored worldwide

Vodaphone data is monitored worldwideVodaphone has done something no one expected. As the second largest mobile phone provider in the world, this information is huge. Vodaphone has acknowledged that countries and their intelligence services have had access directly into their data centers now for quite some time. Since they operate in 29 countries, it is fair to say most, if not all, are using their rights to access the data. Some countries, however, make it illegal to disclose if they are monitoring data. Egypt, India, Turkey, South Africa, Qatar are just a few that fall into that category, even if the US and their NSA has had the bulk of the news about spying and hacking, they are obviously not the only ones tapping into the data thought by consumers for so long to be private.

Vodaphone released what is called the Law Enforcement Disclosure report which will give you some scary details. The Guardian newspaper wrote this report which gives you some insight into how deep these intel agencies really have their hooks into the world’s vast stores of data. One of the interesting insights into this disclosure is that in certain countries where the ruling authorities might be corrupt (and we call all probably pinpoint most of those) disclosing too much data puts Vodaphone employees in that country at risk for arrest, or worse. Many of these countries make it a part of allowing Vodaphone to operate within its borders is that they have direct access to this data. Makes ya really wonder what truly is private these days, doesn’t it?

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