VPN and why it’s the best money you will spend this year

So you hit the coffee houses, airports, hotels and your favorite lunch spots with your laptop, cell phone or tablet to get some work done or just surf the web? Do you login to your email? How about checking on your bank or investments? Do you remote into work from those places, or maybe you look at your security cameras at home to see what’s going on? Maybe you send some instant messages that you might want to keep kind of private? Do you have a VPN connection on your device? Many business users have a work based VPN, but do you know how those actually do their job? Let’s talk a little about this topic, and let’s see if you’re truly aware of what is going on with your devices and who can see what information.

If you have a work device and you connect via VPN to get stuff done, then everything you are doing is going through your work network, just like you were sitting at the office. Yep, that Gmail account you logged into, that Social media account you posted about your boss from, it was all captured by your company (or could have been if that is what they want). Maybe you have no VPN on any of that stuff and you logged in from the local coffee house, but didn’t notice the person on the other side of the coffee house with their laptop. They could have been simply “sniffing” traffic on the Wifi waiting for someone to login to some juicy website like a bank account or something so they could steal your data.

So how do we keep the data to ourselves? We install a VPN on our device, ourselves. There are several free (but slow and limited time use) VPN services available on the web. There are several pay services that are very affordable, and frankly, a must have for ANYONE that uses a public wifi connection with any device. Most of these services corporate headquarters are outside of the USA, which is VERY important because they are not subject to US snooping and surveillance laws. They have servers in the US, the speed is fast and the service is exactly what you need to connect your device to public wifi.

We have reviewed many (CyberGhostVPN, NordVPN and several others and find NordVPN to have online chat with a quick response, they accept Paypal, Bitcoin and other payment methods, their pricing is about 1/2 of many of the others and it just works.

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