Wilderness Survival Class – June 24th-26th 2016

**UPDATE**-  This class has been scheduled for June 23-15th in Middletown Ohio,  with some VERY awesome and unique changes that no other survival experience has to offer!! Check out www.dtig.net/survival for all the details and to register. Only 25 seats !**


For Wilderness First Aid Coursethe past two years, I’ve taught survival courses in the Cincinnati area that focused on the core survival needs: Shelter, Fire, Water.  Coming this June, we’re going to change gears a little and I’ll be teaching the Wilderness First Aid course through the Emergency Care and Safety Institute, of which I’m a certified instructor. This class will run over the course of two weekends. The first Saturday and Sunday. we’ll spend our time in the classroom, using slides, our workbooks and other tools to learn. The following weekend, we’re going camping! We’re going to meet early on Saturday and we’re going to hike into our overnight camping location. Watch out though, we may have “accidents” along the way that will cause us to have to put the skills we learned into practice. We might have to build an improvised litter to carry someone with a broken leg (after we triage it, and splint it). We may have to “treat” someone for a snake bite, or even possible heat stroke. You never know what might happen when you’re out, so we’re going to simulate, in real world conditions, getting the job done and getting everyone home safely. If you’re interested in potentially taking this course, you may send me an email using the form below, and let me know how many seats you’d like to save. At this time, I am not sure of cost (We have to rent a room to hold the class, liability insurance, etc) plus the cost of the book for each person. I should have pricing worked out soon, I am trying to keep it under $75  a person.

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