Your car and garage hacked

We’ve talked about car hacks in the past, and now we’re talking how easy it is to break into almost every car made, and even Viper and Cobra alarm and remote systems. This isn’t new, more or less. People have been hacking the rolling codes of garage door openers for years. However, the manufacturers upgraded their systems over the years to combat the hacks. However, car manufacturers did not learn from the mistakes of others and have instituted similar systems in their remote access software. Now, for about $30 (give or take) we can build a machine to hack the remote codes of every major car manufacturer, and even Viper and Cobra after market systems too. Additionally, this exact same device can steal the codes of your NEW garage door opener. So yes, we can access your car (while in your driveway, parking lot at work, the gym or anywhere else we want) and steal your items, steal your car, or even worse, apply GPS monitoring, audio recording to do even worse things to you or your family. If that isn’t enough, we can then access your home through your garage and rob you, kidnap, record you in your home to blackmail you, or any number of other bad things people can think of. Read here for more info.

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